DrupalCampNYC 10

Saturday 12 · 10 · 2011

Accepted sessions

Announcing DrupalcampNYC10 Sessions!

Following are the accepted sessions for the December 10th Drupalcamp, which is being held at John Jay College in Manhattan.

Session tracks for this camp are:

  • Development
  • Site building
  • Presentation
  • Business & end users
  • Sysadmin & performance
Session Experience level Track
@Include SASS
Claudina Sarahe, Sam Richard

We'd like to give a session on CSS preprocessors. The session will focus on Sass and harnessing the true power of CSS preprocessors with Compass. We will also talk about the Susy responsive grid...

Intermediate Presentation
@Include SASS - Part Deux
Sam Richard, Claudina Sarahe

Learn about the amazingness that is SASS and preprocessed CSS. You'll learn the basics of SASS, what makes preprocessed CSS great, the power of Compass, and how all of these things can be combined...

Intermediate Presentation
Aegir-based Business Models
Christopher Gervais, Antoine Beaupré

Aegir is a distributed provisioning system for Drupal that allows you to manage thousands of sites across as many concurrent instances of Drupal on as many servers as you need. At Koumbit Networks...

Intermediate Business & end users
ALL DAY Hackers Room
Dru Pigeon

Need a place to get some quick coding done? Is your presentation *almost* done? Want to find someone who to discuss some code questions with ... the Hackers room is for you.

Not to mention...

Intermediate Development
Automated Configuration Management Using Chef
Nathan Goulding

In this session we'll give a brief introduction to Opscode's Chef and its implications for automating the installation and configuration of full-featured, high-performance Drupal deployments. We...

Advanced Sysadmin & performance
Better Local QA Testing with Vagrant and Puppet
Steven Merrill

Many issues can arise from developers not testing with the proper versions of software on their local machines, but the average Drupal hosting stack is growing in complexity, with many sites...

Advanced Sysadmin & performance
Building Content Repositories with Drupal
Brian Short

The web is no longer the only place your content lives. It’s just one part of a larger delivery puzzle, and this means your content needs to be able to be syndicated to a wide range of devices,...

Intermediate Development
Building Social Networks
Jonathan Pugh

This session will address how complex social networks of various types can be built with Drupal. The nuances of Feeds, Walls, Sharing (both private and public), Friends, Following, and (most...

Advanced Development
Caching Demystified
Aaron Welch

Caching systems are a crucial tool for scaling any application and increasing performance. They are something every Drupal site utilizes on some level, and while they are a critical component of...

Intermediate Sysadmin & performance
Case Study: Building and Managing a CMS Infrastructure for Higher Ed
Alozie Nwosu

In this case study, members of Brown University WebServices outline how a small development team can deliver a "standard" template service using...

Intermediate Case study
Case Study: DoSomething.org: Building microsites in 10 minutes
Chris Johnson

We had a challenge: every time we partnered with a sponsor organization and create a microsite for a cause campaign sponsored by that org, we created:

  • 1-3 tpl files
  • 1 css...
Intermediate Case study
Case Study: Penton Media & Drupal
Nino Tasca

Penton Media - a B2B information/publishing company with a 100+ year history - is in the midst of a major project to increase its digital presence. The company has chosen Drupal as a platform for...

Intermediate Case study
Community Spotlight - Business & End Users
benjamin melançon

Shaping Drupal's Future

Drupal does not belong to the Drupal Association. It does not belong to Node One, Phase Two,...

Intermediate Business & end users
Community Spotlight - Development
Roger López, Eric Duran

Building mobile apps with Drupal, DrupalCampNYC Mobile Apps How to

Eric Duran and Roger López will discuss the benefits and challenges of building
the native iOS and Android...

Intermediate Development
Community Spotlight - Presentation
Jacine Luisi

Drupal 8 HTML5 + Front-end Update

Learn about what's going on with the Drupal 8 HTML5 Initiative. I'll provide an overview of the initiative goals, insight into details of the issues we'...

Intermediate Presentation
Community Spotlight - Site Building
Thomas Turnbull

Dreaming in Drupal: How to think like a developer to build without code.

Drupal has been around for over ten years and there are over 9,000 modules. As overwhelming as this list is, it...

Intermediate Site Building
Community Spotlight - Sysadmin & Performance
Steven Merrill

Let's Be Upfront About Performance

The speed with which your website loads for your visitors is very important. Studies show that a small slow-down in responsiveness can cause a large...

Intermediate Sysadmin & performance
Debugging Techniques for Drupal and LAMP
Robert Ristroph

A general approach to debugging Drupal problems will be presented, followed by an overview of a variety of tools such as the Devel suite, krumo, xdebug, client side debugging such as Firebug and...

Intermediate Development
Don't Get Lost in Translation: Multilingual Site Building with Drupal 7
Suzanne Kennedy

Multilingual site building with Drupal can be challenging. Depending on the type of site you’re building, the list of modules you’ll need and the configuration settings you’ll choose will vary...

Intermediate Site Building
Drupal + NYC + Businesses = Awesome
Alexander Ross, Frank Carey

Drupal + NYC + Business = Awesome

Beginner Site Building