DrupalCampNYC 10

Saturday 12 · 10 · 2011

Accepted sessions

Announcing DrupalcampNYC10 Sessions!

Following are the accepted sessions for the December 10th Drupalcamp, which is being held at John Jay College in Manhattan.

Session tracks for this camp are:

  • Development
  • Site building
  • Presentation
  • Business & end users
  • Sysadmin & performance
Session Experience levelsort icon Track
Better Local QA Testing with Vagrant and Puppet
Steven Merrill

Many issues can arise from developers not testing with the proper versions of software on their local machines, but the average Drupal hosting stack is growing in complexity, with many sites...

Advanced Sysadmin & performance
Building Social Networks
Jonathan Pugh

This session will address how complex social networks of various types can be built with Drupal. The nuances of Feeds, Walls, Sharing (both private and public), Friends, Following, and (most...

Advanced Development
Automated Configuration Management Using Chef
Nathan Goulding

In this session we'll give a brief introduction to Opscode's Chef and its implications for automating the installation and configuration of full-featured, high-performance Drupal deployments. We...

Advanced Sysadmin & performance
Profiling Drupal with XHProf (or, Identifying the Suck)
Mark Sonnabaum

By now, most developers within the Drupal community have heard of the many tools and techniques used to improve Drupal performance such as varnish, memcache, solr, apc, ESI, etc. However, each...

Advanced Development

go eat!

Advanced Presentation
Omega + Delta + Context = Theming for the Rest of Us
Joel Moore

This session will introduce novice to intermediate site builders with little or no php fu to the responsive, mobile-first, HTML5 Omega base theme. If you are new to Drupal or are a Drupal site...

Beginner Presentation
The 4 things I learned at DrupalCons that utterly changed the way I build Drupal sites
Alexander Ross

In the past five years I have attended 4 DrupalCons and from each one I taken away exactly one life-altering concept/tool/idea that has made that conference worth the price of admission. Common to...

Beginner Site Building
Introduction to Module Development
Ezra Gildesgame

This session provides a fun introduction for people who want to get started writing their first module or extending an existing one. The presentation is both conceptual and hands-on, and covers...

Beginner Development
Panel: Build a better Drupal Agency - Open Q&A
Joe Bachana, Jeff Robbins, Michael Caccavano, Matt Cheney, Frank Febbraro

Panel: Build a better Drupal Agency - Open Q&A
Let’s improve more than just the code. Drupal needs smart business leaders as much as it needs brilliant coders. The coders are doing their...

Beginner Business & end users
Real Impact: Drupal and Government?
Shawn Mole, Jeff Walpole

Drupal is growing in government - there's no doubt about that. But beyond building interesting and useful web sites, the public sector is using Drupal to push the limits of open government and...

Beginner Case study
OK, So We've Implemented Drupal, Now What?
Joe Bachana, Marque Staneluis, Aiden Colie, Nino Tasca, Justin Hoffman

Once an organization has implemented Drupal, it is easy to feel that the work is mostly done and the team can rest on its laurels. However, as in any technology implementation, companies need to...

Beginner Business & end users
How to Build a Mobile Site with Drupal
Harris Rashid

The trend towards a "mobile first" use of the web is showing no signs of slowing down. It's no longer enough to have websites that are functional on mobile. They must work well and feel natural on...

Beginner Site Building
Git in gear: How to track changes, travel back in time, and code nicely with others.
Fureigh .

Ever made a mistake and wished for the power to turn back time? In this session you'll experience the magical world of version control, where you can:

  • try out massive code changes...
Beginner Development
How to tell Views about your mongooses
Julia Evans

This session is about the wonderful world of Views. You know how to make a View, and can display all kinds of fascinating data about mongooses with it, that's stored in some Drupal nodes. However...

Beginner Development
Tales from the Admin Layer: Who Moved My Block?
molly byrnes

As end users of Drupal admin screens, content administrators know where all the ghosts of checkboxes pasts lie.

Beginner Business & end users
Rockstar in the making: The path to theming mastery.
Shawn Gregg

It's an exciting time for the front-end.

The web is evolving, standards are being updated, and new frameworks forged. In a space where there is so much change it's easy to glaze over the...

Beginner Presentation
Why We Should Stop Selling Drupal
Matt Westgate

Let's be honest, Drupal has become a buzzword. Potential clients are putting the technology cart before the horse, asking for Drupal but not understanding what Drupal does. Oftentimes we are quick...

Beginner Business & end users
Node 101: The ABC's of Drupal
Forest Mars

This hour long prolegomenon will cover everything you've always wanted to know about Drupal (but were too afraid to ask.) From preprocess to hooks, from wysiwig to workflow, this will be a...

Beginner Site Building
Speed dating (or What can you do with Drupal - NYC Edition)

Now that you have been through the Drupal 101 session let's show you some examples of what has been done with Drupal in the NYC area.

Beginner Site Building
Drupal + NYC + Businesses = Awesome
Alexander Ross, Frank Carey

Drupal + NYC + Business = Awesome

Beginner Site Building