DrupalCampNYC 10

Saturday 12 · 10 · 2011

Why We Should Stop Selling Drupal


Let's be honest, Drupal has become a buzzword. Potential clients are putting the technology cart before the horse, asking for Drupal but not understanding what Drupal does. Oftentimes we are quick to agree that Drupal is the solution without understanding the real issues at hand. It's akin to selling an engine with little regard for the car the engine will be running. I propose we take a step back from Drupal and step into the the pain points of our clients which usually go way beyond technology.

In this talk we will explore:
- What does it look like to bring Drupal with you rather than push Drupal forward into a project?
- How can we best leverage Drupal for what Drupal is and give our clients solutions they need?
- When should we take a step back from the technology conversations and what benefits does that offer?
- What are the practical steps in building a collaborative relationship with clients and solve their actual problems rather than replace the problem with yet another piece of technology?

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