DrupalCampNYC 10

Saturday 12 · 10 · 2011

Tales from the Admin Layer: Who Moved My Block?


As end users of Drupal admin screens, content administrators know where all the ghosts of checkboxes pasts lie.

This session will explore the experiences of using Drupal as a content administrator/website manager. Drawing from 4 years of experience on the admin layer from Drupal 4.7 through Drupal 7, I'll review some of the changes and improvements to the interface of Drupal and discuss how they have impacted the content managers. I'll be primarily drawing from my several years at Sony Music d2c administering and managing the technical content flows for over 200 artist websites: enter anecdotes.

One example of slide progression, I'll include is the Evolution of Blocks:
From the -1 -2 placement option in Drupal 4.7/5 to the advent of the nodeblock in Drupal 6 ending with inline editing and contextual pieces available in Drupal 7.

Other adventures may include as time allows: FUN with Teasers:
<!--break-->ing it down, Localiz-i10n in practice, CACHEing for Admins/ Content Managers and Intuitive Drupal Troubleshooting when you don't know PHP.

I'll conclude with a brief bit getting involved in the community and finding ways to improve Drupal experience for "end users" everywhere as Drupal 8 is on the horizon.

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