DrupalCampNYC 10

Saturday 12 · 10 · 2011

Case Study: DoSomething.org: Building microsites in 10 minutes


We had a challenge: every time we partnered with a sponsor organization and create a microsite for a cause campaign sponsored by that org, we created:

  • 1-3 tpl files
  • 1 css & 1js file from scratch
  • 1 content type
  • 1 webform
  • 3-6 new content fields

If it's not clear from this list, the site blew up fast. Imagine creating a view with 200+ content fields, or loading up the content type admin page. With the combined minds of DoSomething.org and Zivtech, we can now roll out campaigns in 10-15 minutes with image assets in hand. No template files. No content type proliferation. One sparkly clean new site.

I'll take a look at how we got to that crazy list above, and how we went about systematizing campaign generation by modularization.

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204H (T)