DrupalCampNYC 10

Saturday 12 · 10 · 2011

Accepted sessions

Announcing DrupalcampNYC10 Sessions!

Following are the accepted sessions for the December 10th Drupalcamp, which is being held at John Jay College in Manhattan.

Session tracks for this camp are:

  • Development
  • Site building
  • Presentation
  • Business & end users
  • Sysadmin & performance
Session Experience level Track
Energy.gov Case Study
Roger López

This summer, the US Department of Energy re-launched Energy.gov on Drupal. The technical requirements of the project were driven by an internal need to consolidate the publishing and editorial...

Intermediate Case study
From a consultant to a shop: How to grow your Drupal business without losing your hair, mind, or bank.
Alex Urevick-Ackelsberg

In this presentation I'll discuss the process of going from an independent contractor to a Drupal development shop, and specifically some of the problems I/we have gone through in building Zivtech...

Intermediate Business & end users
Getting your data into Drupal
Matt Corks

Drupal site building often includes importing data, be it migration of content from a previous version of a site or regular updates from an external data source. Strategies for handling this have...

Intermediate Development
Git in gear: How to track changes, travel back in time, and code nicely with others.
Fureigh .

Ever made a mistake and wished for the power to turn back time? In this session you'll experience the magical world of version control, where you can:

  • try out massive code changes...
Beginner Development
Guided Conversation - Benjamin Melançon
benjamin melançon

Ben keeps chatting community

Beginner Business & end users
Guided Conversation - Business
Joe Bachana, Alex Urevick-Ackelsberg

Business conversation

Beginner Business & end users
Guided Conversation - Caching / Hosting / Scalabilty
Joshua Koenig, Aaron Welch, Sam Kottler, Nathan Goulding

Caching / Hosting BoF

Beginner Case study
Guided Conversation - Jacine Luisi
Jacine Luisi

Continuing the conversation from her community spotlight

Intermediate Presentation
Guided Conversation - Module Development
Ezra Gildesgame, Alexander Ross

Module Development

Beginner Development
Guided Conversation - Roger Lopez / Eric Duran
Roger López, Eric Duran

Mobile app development...

Intermediate Development
Guided Conversation - SASS Goodness
Sam Richard, Claudina Sarahe, Mason Wendell

SASS goodness

Intermediate Presentation
Guided Conversation - Steven Merrill
Steven Merrill

Steven continuing his talk.

Intermediate Sysadmin & performance
Guided Conversation - Thomas Turnbull
Thomas Turnbull

Guided Conversation - Thomas Turnbull

Intermediate Site Building
High Performance Hosting
Sam Kottler

This session will cover a variety of techniques and systems to create a high-performance web hosting environment tailored to Drupal. We will cover tuning Apache and MySQL, as well as adding...

Intermediate Sysadmin & performance
How to Build a Mobile Site with Drupal
Harris Rashid

The trend towards a "mobile first" use of the web is showing no signs of slowing down. It's no longer enough to have websites that are functional on mobile. They must work well and feel natural on...

Beginner Site Building
How to tell Views about your mongooses
Julia Evans

This session is about the wonderful world of Views. You know how to make a View, and can display all kinds of fascinating data about mongooses with it, that's stored in some Drupal nodes. However...

Beginner Development
Introduction to Module Development
Ezra Gildesgame

This session provides a fun introduction for people who want to get started writing their first module or extending an existing one. The presentation is both conceptual and hands-on, and covers...

Beginner Development

go eat!

Advanced Presentation
Mapping with Drupal
Thomas Turnbull

Custom geographical maps are a popular way to represent data on the web. More and more users are comfortable using a web mapping interface thanks mostly to the work of Google Maps. But users also...

Intermediate Site Building
Mastering Panels and Page Manager: Powerful Tools for Displaying Content
Ted Bowman

The Panels and Page Manager modules work together to create one of the most powerful content display systems for Drupal. Learn to create complex...

Intermediate Site Building