DrupalCampNYC 10

Saturday 12 · 10 · 2011

Case Study: Building and Managing a CMS Infrastructure for Higher Ed


In this case study, members of Brown University WebServices outline how a small development team can deliver a "standard" template service using a multi-site installation of Drupal. The team members will describe their strategies for overcoming challenges particularly common to higher ed organizations (low budget, integration of legacy systems, competing stakeholders).

Brown University recently released a Drupal-based template service for its internal clients. Called BrownSites, this service offers a web-based content management system geared toward meeting the needs of an individual higher education department. BrownSites has enabled the University to simplify content management, ensure consistent presentation, and reduce staff time spent on routine maintenance and training. And because of Drupal's flexibility, the service can be customized to meet extraordinary needs of an individual department.

Questions answered by this session:

  • How can a small staff on a tight budget manage and maintain a few hundred Drupal sites?
  • How can Drupal satisfy contradictory demands from influential stakeholders?
  • What customizations help to win the trust of demanding administrators and comfort technophobes?
  • How can support be streamlined to handle diverse University constituencies?
  • How can Drupal integrate data and functionality from uncommon, higher ed-specific systems like Banner and Bedework?

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330H (T)