DrupalCampNYC 10

Saturday 12 · 10 · 2011

Proposed Sessions

Session Experience level Track
What You See Is (not always) What you Get (but it can be)
Andrew Mallis

Configuring WYSIWYG editors and image handling is a laborious process, riddled with caveats and best practices. The number of contributed modules extending the WYSIWYG experience is vast, and...

Intermediate Site Building
What is a hook
Scott Wolpow

One of the most confusing concepts to a new user is hooks. This should be a ground floor step by step of hook definition, creation and use.
The session assumes the user has zero knowledge of...

Beginner Site Building
Coat Your Website in Varnish
Steven Merrill

Varnish is a reverse proxy cache that can significantly speed up your Drupal website. In this talk, we'll dive deep into the theory of how to use Varnish and also go through a hands-on...

Advanced Sysadmin & performance
Building a Great Local Development Environment
Charles Novick

Learn how to download and configure the best open source applications to create a full featured Drupal development environment. After following the instructions in this session you will have a...

Intermediate Development
Will Code for Coffee: How to Volunteer
Randall Goya, Lanny Trager, Tom Sherlock

When your family, friends, church, synagogue etc. find out you know how to build web sites, the first thing they ask is "Can you help us?" Often the answer is "Yes, but you cannot afford to pay me...

Intermediate Business & end users
Building Conference & Event Sites in Drupal with COD
Ezra Gildesgame

Come see why Drupal is the best platform for building conference and event websites that meet the needs of attendees, event organizers and sponsors!

In this session we'll build a conference...

Beginner Site Building
Controlling URL-itis Helps SEO AND Site Performance
Matthew Dorman

Drupal is a powerful tool for creating and distributing your content. Out of the box, it will deliver this content via numerous unique URLs, add in Views, Panels, and other auto-generating URL-...

Intermediate Development
InDesign Server Integration with Drupal 7
Joe Bachana, Ben Vanderberg

In this session, we will present how organizations can instance content within Drupal to an InDesign template using InDesign server. We will also demonstrate how to interact with Drupal through an...

Intermediate Site Building
My Platform Is Faster Than Yours (or maybe not)
Matthew Dorman

Do you find your self asking "Why is my site so slow and should I just migrate to platform X since everyone I talk to says it's so much faster?" Often it is far more difficult and costly to move...

Intermediate Sysadmin & performance
Drupal Project Management Strategies
Matthew Dorman

Discover a strategy for ensuring successful outcomes of Drupal projects of any size. “We don't have to manage our Drupal projects differently; Drupal allows us to manage them in different and more...

Beginner Business & end users
Simple DevOps Using Jenkins
Robert Ristroph

This presentation will cover a simple setup of a Jenkins (it can even run on your laptop), and a set of scripts will be demonstrated that enable the following workflow:

* Run Drupal Cron...

Beginner Development
Custom OpenCalais Tagging
Zvi Epner

I've written a custom OpenCalais module for a client that simply send out the body text, retrives suggested tags and integrates into a custom ActiveTags term ref combo field.

I think the...

Intermediate Development
Drupal & CiviCRM: A complete solution for non-profits
Shawn Duncan

CiviCRM is free, open source constituent relationship management software that handles member management including renewal reminders, online contributions, online event registration, mass mailing...

Intermediate Site Building
Overcoming the Departmental Site Challenge: How to Unify a University's Web Platform with Drupal 7
Glenn Hilton


Best practices for using Drupal at your EDU, and an in-depth case study on how Drupal 7 is being used to manage over 190 department sites and 35,000 students at...

Beginner Case study
How to Recruit and Retain Top Talent in the Drupal Community
Glenn Hilton

The last few years have consistently seen 10%+- global unemployment as much of world is mired in an economic recession. However, the demand for top Drupal talent remains strong. In this session,...

Beginner Business & end users
How to Land and Keep a Job at a Drupal Shop
Glenn Hilton

In this session we’ll explore some of the things you can do to catch the attention of that Drupal web agency you’re hoping to work for. We’ll examine ways you can set yourself up so HR managers...

Beginner Business & end users
Hello, Drupal? Building Drupal sites that make and receive phone calls
Leo Burd

As part of this session, you will learn about VoIP Drupal (http://drupal.org/project/voipdrupal),...

Beginner Development
Drupal Forensics
Gord Christmas

Have you ever adopted a site and wondered if it was built correctly? Was core hacked? Contrib modified?

This is how you can employ crime scene investigation tactics to a Drupal site, to...

Intermediate Sysadmin & performance
The Emperor's New Clothes (or how I learned to ask "is the cool thing the right thing")

# The Emperor's New Clothes
## (or how I learned to ask "is the cool thing the right thing")
### (also how "Small Changes make Large Impact")

**Level:** N/A - everyone...

Beginner Presentation
Revitalizing Drupal Projects with SimpleTest
Sean Dague

Look at any long standing software site, Drupal.org, being no exception, and you'll find abandoned projects everywhere. As time goes on, this becomes a veritible junkyard of code. Junkyards can be...

Intermediate Development