DrupalCampNYC 10

Saturday 12 · 10 · 2011

Something's broken, but I don't know what: using Selenium to automate testing


Whether you're quickly building a large website, or have inherited a questionable code base - testing is crucial. The larger the site and the faster the build, the easier it becomes to break existing features as you're creating new ones.

Enter Selenium. Selenium is an automated testing framework for web applications.

In this session you'll learn:
- what Selenium does
- why you want to use it
- how to use Selenium as a front-end engineer and site-builder
- and how to extend tests as a back-end developer
- getting selenium tests into your CI process

Slides, demo site, test and code all live at https://github.com/drnikki/Drupal-Camp-NYC-10

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603H (T)