DrupalCampNYC 10

Saturday 12 · 10 · 2011

What's happening late this afternoon at DrupalcampNYC10

Quick update to you all on what is next:

1. 5pm BoF's have become "Guided Conversations" you don't want to miss! We've taken some of the speakers from the popular sessions of the day and installed them in the BoF rooms to facilitate discussions on whatever topics emerge. Go to http://drupalcampnyc.org/program/session-schedule or to your mobile app for room assignments

2. The camp is officially over at 6:00 pm but we will be doing a final raffle selection of quite a number of books at 6:10pm . Please come down with your raffle ticket and see if you've won - we have two dozen books so there's a great chance you may indeed win :-)

3. The after party at House of Brews is going to be a great celebration of this day of learning and fellowship. Consider joining us anytime after 6:30pm to join in the after-fun!

4. We may need some extra hands on deck at the end of the conference just to help out with some tidying up of the premises. If you don't mind staying for a bit longer, we just would like to do a quick check of all our rooms to make sure we're leaving things exactly as we found them. If you're available, please meet us by the registration desks at 6pm. We'll do the raffle then we'll just check that we've taken care of our commitments.

Thank you all so much for making this an exciting and stimulating day. We realize that we had some speed bumps throughout, but your patience, and in many cases your jumping in to help solve problems, has us feeling really grateful.

A reminder that we will be sending out a survey early this coming week. We ask that you remember to take a few minutes to fill it out. We are particularly interested in anything you observed that you may have ideas on how to improve, as well as things you observed that were really awesome that you'd like to see us do again.