DrupalCampNYC 10

Saturday 12 · 10 · 2011


Name Job title Organizationsort icon Interests
Brian Short
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Forest Mars
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Eric Sod
esod's picture
rich baldwin
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Successful camp
Nathaniel Hoag
than.hoag's picture
theming, distributions, development, html5, css3
Robert Phelps
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Peter Dowling
pwdowling's picture
Ann Morris
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UI Developer
Jason Loeffler
j's picture
Jacine Luisi
jacine's picture
Front end developer Drupal!
Bruce Kersten
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frank stepanski
fsjay's picture
Eric Goldhagen
eric's picture
Daniel Strum
daniel.strum's picture
Sarah Duncan
duncanbdunkin's picture
Brian Puccio
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html5, media, images, exif, iptc, metadata, services, commerce, exportables
Rick Ramhap
rick's picture
Laurence Vaughan
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movies, photography, travel, internet stuff, food, drink, trying to stop smoking, trying to stop drinking so much.
Nick Selvaggio
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IT Director Module Development, Application Development, Networking
suzi arnold
thinkinkless's picture
do i need interests?
Ward Dennis
denny's picture
Beginner - particularly interested in mapping, Drupal 7
joan dilbert
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Anandaroop Roy
anandaroop.roy's picture
Developer Mapping, geospatial
Ena Anicama
enac's picture
Web Designer
vin8's picture
Deborah Foley
folyness's picture
Front End Developer
Robin Sentell
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Abhijit Choudhary
abhijit.choudhary's picture
drupal commons
Sibyl Schaefer
sibylschaefer's picture
Sean Dague
sdague's picture
Non-profits, Calendars, Events
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Katherine Papadopoulos
greengurl's picture
Ben Stoutenburgh
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Joe Pennisi
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Currently using Wordpress for smaller sites and considering it for a larger and more demanding media environment. I want a better understanding of the Drupal WCMS environment, it's control and how it can be leveraged by a team of 2 developers to build and manage a 1M unique per month online magazine successfully and reliably.
William Ku
gotwillk's picture
IT specialist Very beginner!
Emily Lam
emilylam17's picture
Michael Marzovilla
mmarz9's picture
Beth Jacobson
bethann's picture
Nick Tan
nicktan81's picture
Ambreen Hussain
ambreenshussain's picture
Theme Developer
Aaron Wolfe
aaronewolfe's picture
Amanda Rodriguez
amanda's picture
Designer / Front end developer
Ellie Roepken
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Ruslan Sivak
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2XL Shirt Please
Sophie Lee
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Priscilla Lee
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2XL shirt please
Anne Duncan
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Jaspreet Longia
jlongia's picture
Web Developer
Lippe Lippe
lippeMFG's picture
Javlon Turdiev
javlonchik's picture
Web and System Admin All things Drupal
Gabrielle Heller
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Creative Art Director/UI-UX
Jumoke A
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Jesse Einhorn
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Using Drupal for Advanced Data Visualization, Developing Sports (particularly NBA) Sites and Apps on Drupal with emphasis on Stats and Visualizations, Meeting other developers in NYC with similar interests (this will be my first ever Drupal conference)
John Grubb
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Joe Anzalone
Joe's picture
HTML5, CSS3, PHP, WordPress, CakePHP, Cake
Robert Demkowicz
demko's picture
Sam Machiz
smachiz's picture
Giovanni Glass
momendo's picture
Developer Theming, HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, jQuery
Hally Turner
Drupalgoddess's picture
Kick-ass Project Management, Data Visualization, Fashion Start-Ups, Design, UX and UI
Nathan Goulding
ngoulding's picture
Henry Wan
hwan's picture
Senior Lead Developer
Matthew Misselbeck
matt2's picture
Nikkiana Henninger
nikkiana's picture
Theme Knitter
Andrew LoPinto
andrewlopinto's picture
Peter Gotlib
petergot's picture
Jen Simmons
jensimmons's picture
irene meisel
irene's picture
Enrique Piraces
piracee's picture
John Quinn
mjohnq3's picture
All things Drupal
Ralph Warren
ralphw's picture
consultant semantic web, schema.org, machine learning, personalization, recommender systems
Nirod Ghale
ghalenir's picture
Web Developer programming, Drupal
Iryna Sytnyk
iryna.sytnyk's picture
Carl Wiedemann
c4rl's picture
Man about town
Marie-Pascale Chauvel
mc8470's picture
Ed Wheeler
ewheeler3's picture
front end developer pelletized.com
Rob Kolb
rkolb's picture
Eric Saul
eric4's picture
dexter miranda
dxtrmiranda's picture
Michael Martin
mmartin's picture
Site Building
Michael Meyers
nycdrupalcamp's picture
Sharon Knieper
sharonknieper's picture
Alex Kyle
ackdpster's picture
Ken Tanabe
kentanabe's picture
upgrading to Drupal 7 from Drupal 5 (eek!), CivicCRM, integrating Drupal data into Google maps, wikis in Drupal
Ted Slesinski
teds247's picture
Scott Slesinski
sds5277's picture
Troy Shields
tshields's picture
Designer / Themer
Laura DeMuro
Dolphintwo's picture
Learning how to use Drupal
Silas Albrecht
slip's picture
Ron Painter
ron.painter's picture
Bassam Muhsin
smx's picture
Jeffrey Liu
jeffkliu's picture
I am a upcoming web designer from NJIT. My passions are design, photography, new web trends (HTML5, CSS3), gadgets, apps. On my spare time I like to run, body build, practice mixed martial arts read and learn new technologies or what is going on in the world.
Jason Dubey
dubey.j's picture
David Jen
david.d.jen's picture
Aimee Sostowski
asostowski's picture
Nicholas Andrews
mc84704's picture
Stephen Frizell
steve.frizell's picture
Sam Boyer
sdboyer's picture
kenny li
klimaxreturns's picture
Brett Lyon
brett.lyon's picture
Deployment, Drush, GIT